V, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7, Mr Sunshine all cancelled by ABC


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Oh The Humanity of it.......

I love the Upfronts weeks .


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I liked V, it picked up a lot towards the end of the season, not as good as the original and to slow paced in the beginning so I can see why others may nit have liked it.

I have seen some of no ordinary family and can see how it got canceled to be honest. It seems to be hunt criminal of the week and no real pace to the season.

I preferred Kyle XY to this and it got canceled and then they basically remake it with more family members having powers but same basic premise! The networks wonder why they loose money.


v was one of the shows that people looked forward too so much but were dissapointed by it, mainly as there was too much unrealistic looking cgi. i'm not too fussed about that not coming back, i would have watched if it did

no ordinary family was terrible. two good lead actors and a few good supporting actors but it was a bad show. we've seen the same idea before umpteen times. like the fantastic four starring...

detroit 187 was pretty good though. same idea as the chicago code (which i think is also cancelled), but not as good as southland

mr sunshine was okay, but there are WAY too many twee half hour comedy shows, and this was just filler


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I enjoyed V and No Ordinary Family for what they were ... popcorn
- if NOF had been touted as or attempted to be serious sci fi drama then I would probably have hated it, as someone in the biochemistry/molecular biology field having to listen to Dr Powell and her assistant make a total arse-up of even the basics whilst also spouting the made up bad science BS written for them
(pees me off that legal, medical and other dramas tend to do their homework, but anything dealing with lab scientists especially of the biological sciences is just mistake after mistake and utter BS)

Detroit 1-8-7 was excellent, I like anything with Imperioli (including the US LOM) ... and at least it didn't end on a cliffhanger, and resolved the arc on Imperioli's character

Mr Sunshine - funny but forgettable
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Not again. I enjoyed the second V season, good popcorn stuff. Nothing overly serious but watchable. I'm getting so annoyed with the amount of Sci fi cancellations at the moment.


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Better shows have been cancelled, so I am not shocked in any way.

Indeed. Stargate Universe had much higher production values and yet it wasn't even given a chance to wind up its storyline. And the Sarah Connor Chronicles was promising so much at the end.

Sci-fi has always been an enjoyable genre for me but I am seriously considering avoiding getting into any future shows if the networks are just going to keep yanking them off in mid-flow :mad:.

At least we will always have Battlestar Galactica to look back on :D.
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