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had my v+ box installed today .engineer turned up 5 mins before the allocated time finished 8am till 1 pm. so why i bothered to get up at 7.30 i never know.just looking at the engineer. i knew straight away.that this new technology was way beyond him.when i asked him if the v+ box outputed 50/60 htz.as my hitachi 32pd5200 only accepts 720p @ 60 htz.to which he did not know the answer . upstairs to fit my extra stb .to which i had to go out on to my garage roof to tack the cable as he said he was not insured. no hdmi cable either. all he did was moan about kellys his company he works for.but we got there in the end.
as for picture quality am very pleased bbc hd channel very good shame nothing decent to watch on it though. as for the upscaling on other channels i cant see a great deal of differnce to be honest .so a little dissapointed there but i am only viewing in 1080i perhaps the 720 p would be better i will never know. v+ box does all seem to be working though even the recording side of it .good luck on your install


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Almost identical experience to mine, fitted Tuesday. I was working in the South of France (yeah tough I know :cool: ) and so fielded calls from the Mrs who was getting increasingly annoyed with the bloke's attitude.

I had left instructions for what I wanted including how to change the settings in the receiver to change from component input to HDMI. This was about 3 steps using the remote.

1. He discouraged her from keeping the additional STB for the bedroom upstairs as that meant routing a cable up the wall outside which was more work.
2. Advised that the V+ box could only be plugged directly into the screen. Go figure, how was I meant to have any sound?

After telling my wife to get a bit shirty with him, I get back yesterday to find the box working OK. However the SCART/RGB > Component box/cable I used with the old STB is still connected and the settings are unaltered on the receiver. The V+ box is not configured for HD.

There is an HDMI cable plugged from the V+ box to the receiver. I can't imagine its doing anything so must have been plugged in so my wife would shut up and he could drive off.

So now I need to change the settings (and from reading other threads get an optical connection from the V+ box to the receiver for 5.1 sound when available?)

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