V+ installed - no HDMI cable!


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How frustrating. Everything installed...then the guy says sorry no hdmi you'll be getting one through the post...

Happened to anyone else? How long does it take? Tempted to go and buy one...

In the meantime I've set it up via component. Very impressed indeed with PQ. SD and HD. Better by far than the old NTL box via scart. As a matter of interest what do I miss out on if I use component instead of hdmi?


I don't know how long it might take in the post, but Woolworths do a cheap and cheerful HDMI cable for a tenner.

As far as I am aware there are some HD music shows in the Virgin HD roster that feature some kind of HDMI copy protection and will not play via component. However 95% of the HD stuff available from Virgin will play just fine.


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When they set mine up I asked for an HDMI cable and got one. But was looking through channels and thought picture quality was pretty poor. Turned out that the installer had just left it set up via RGB Scart output and not HDMI - useless!

Ended up having to sort it out myself in the end. What was the point in him supplying an HDMI cable and then setting the box up to output via scart..........

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