V+: How do you delete a partial recording?



I wonder if anyone can help.

My V+ box failed to record an episode of Heroes properly, and it is marked as a "partial recording" in the Recorded Programmes list.

Despite deleting it several times, it always reappears in the Recorded Programmes list, and it's viewable! Recordings made before this failed episode also reappear on the Recorded Programmes list (although these cannot be viewed), whilst recordings made after can be deleted and do not reappear.

Does anyone know how I can delete this partial recording (and all recordings made prior to it) permanently, so they will not reappear in the Recorded Prgrammes list?



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AFAIK its one of those software 'features' (a bug).
If a prog loses its data it can't be deleteted and gets 'RESTORED':mad:

The only way to delete the things that wont go away eg progs that have lost thier ID (what channel/time/date stuff) is to rformat your hard disc..but then you wipe out all your good programmes as well.:eek:

if you can, live with it and wait till the backlog of duff files gets too much and then reformat the hard drive.


Thanks for your reply, it confirmed what I suspected.

I've got too much stuff on my hard drive at the moment, reformatting it is out of the question!



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i get the same problem it only happens with bbc hd,if i try to record an episode it misses the end off,so i have to record the next prog as well to get the end.
strange thing is all the other chann are fine its just heros's on bbc hd:rolleyes:

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