V+ HDMI signal to 3D TV over Cat6


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After being a passive reader, I finally joined this excellent forum with a

I am trying to watch my Samsung 50" 3D HDTV from V+ HD Box. But instead of
running the HDMI cable, I am trying to send the signal over cat6 cables
which was already laid during building work.

About 20-25 metre cat6 cable runs between V+ box and TV locations. It's
8-core, 4-pair solid core (not stranded) and the actual description on the
cable reads -

"Cat 6 cable - Belkin components Cat6 High performance #R7L704 E129760-C
(UL) TYPE CMR 4 Pair UTP 24 AWG SOLID FT4 www. Belkin.com"

1. I will use HDMI/Cat6 Extender - likely a cheaper ebay one. Is there any
suggestion to buy from high street shop which I can return if my plan
doesn't work. And indeed about the types of such extenders.

2. Is there a difference in how RJ45 connector plug is connected to a cat6
cable vs cat5e. Basically, my installer friend hasn't connected a cat6 but
done lots of cat5e. I am assuming it's mostly about using the crimp tool.

3. Is RJ45 connector plug same for cat5e and cat6, and also solid core vs
stranded. Any suggestion to buy for my above cable or I am ok with the ones
on ebay like this -
10 x RJ45 Connector Plug CAT 6 8P8C Netowk Crimp End | eBay UK

4. Will my 3D TV work fine with this cat6 based plan. I heard one must have
v1.4 HDMI cable for 3D tv but then saw aruments against also and some
people saying that 1.3 works as good.

Many thanks for the advice. I will keep the forum updated on how I
progress. I have just now recovered from the joys of year long building
work and turned my attention to TV, home cinema etc.


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Thanks Biadangel, I had gathered all the info in that post but that still nicely summarised what needed to be done.

Meanwhile, I did this-

1. bought crimper tools - Network Cable RJ45 Tester Crimper LAN Stripper Tool Kit on eBay (end time 23-Jun-11 09:56:18 BST)

2. bought almost the cheapest HDMI extender - HDMI Cable Extender 30m 60m LAN Cat5 Cat6 RJ45 1080P HD on eBay (end time 06-Jul-11 19:56:44 BST)
Note : it says that it supports HDMI v1.2a though my AV receiver is v1.4, still to work out what I am losing

3. bought good quality Maplin RJ45 solid core plugs (though I suspect any cheaps could do the job)

4. Educated myself on wiring scheme -
TIA/EIA-568 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Discount-Low-Voltage.com Blog: Standard 568b Wiring Diagram

5. Educated on crimping stuff-
Discount-Low-Voltage.com Blog: How to Make an Ethernet Cat5e/Cat6 Cable
YouTube - ‪How to make a Cat6 Network Cable‬‏
YouTube - ‪How to make a Cat6 Network/Ethernet Cable‬‏

6. Set V+ box to start sending HD signals- on V+ remote press Home --> Settings --> Change Audio and Display --> set format to HD Hi Def at 1080
Note: not sure what 1080(wide) setting was for

And got it all set up and connected. I got the reception on TV in the first go. Even BBC One HD channel could be seen which I assume is the eveidence that I am on HD. Though for a brief time, I found the pic on TV was not coming but in the evening it all started coming back again. So I assume it was some temporary issue. But have to observe the system for a while to see it's reliable.

When i pressed 'Info' button on TV remote, it showed 1920x1080i @50HZ so I got concerned why not 1080P. Then I checked all channels and all showed the same. Googling revealed that this message could be from the source and not what I saw on TV.

I'm happy to share my feedback for any help on this. My next challenge in next post.


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So the next challenge is to-

1. prove to myself if I am really on HD 1080P through this cheap v1.2 HDMI extender? It's been only a few hours since the big bang and there is nothing to the contrary yet.

2. check that 3D functionality of TV works (again suspecting if it will work as my AV unit and TV are both v1.4)

Any help on 1 and 2 will be appreciated as I have got limited days from ebay seller after which he will not accept the return of HDMI extender. Crimp tools and cable tester are great asset anyways.

My plan B, if the cheapo doesn't support 3D, is to buy this one - which seems good on paper-

Grandbeing Technology Co., Ltd - Products - EX0101 H01 02

I don't need ethernet from cat6 cables as I have a separate internet line coming to the back of TV and AV receiver (my smartness during the building work, which was more challenging by an order of magnitude !)

I also don't need digital audio thru cat6 cables since I laid 20-metre long Optical cable from V+ box in the loft to reception room during the building work (smart..lol).


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In hindsight would you have laid a long HDMI cable instead during the building work? I am in similar position with building work just started.


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All the work of past several weeks was rewarded with 3D movies displayed impeccably on my Samsung plasma 3D TV from V+ box via cat6 cables.

In the end it was easy.

Go to Virgin on demand movies menu and select a free 12 minutes 3D movie. The resolution displayed was [email protected] Subsequent reasearch showed that no channel in UK broadcasts 1080P.

Yet the question was still open, did my cat6 setup sent 1080P signal?

So I played Samsung Blu Ray and sent the 1080P movie signal -->cat6/HDMI extender--> Onkyo Amplifier --> Samsung plasma TV. This was not successful and inconclusive (see note).

I will get the player back in a few days and will complete my experiment and update here.


On first use, the stupid or magical Samsung BR player (BD C5900 model) ate up my disk and had to take to samsung service centre yesterday (where I got a parking ticket by overzealous
parking attendant). I am thinking of putting it on youtube (funky samsung player).


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Got the Blu Ray player back after getting the disk out and also parking ticket duly arrived yesterday.

But I played the 3D movie on BR player and sent the signal over cat6 cables and HDMI sender/receivers to TV. I could watch the movie with good resolution and the display on TV screen read [email protected] I do not know any other way to prove that 1080P signal can be sent via this cable/extender network. Basically till now whatever I threw at it, it worked.

So in the end everything worked as expected and this 2 month project comes to a happy end. Thanks to all who helped.

Chris Muriel

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You should totally ignore any mail that you get regarding the parking ticket - see threads on that subject in the Motoring section (and a few have been also in General Chat section).


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Something I am not clear on is the power supply to your extender system. The e-bay link specifies 1X power supply- is this for the sender? - is the receiver passive?

Still considering options for my building works. THX

Chris Muriel

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They usually send follow up mail (not email) that looks like a "fine" but is not actually enforceable; these get stronger as time goes in. Ultimately they pass the "debt" onto a debt collection outfit who also post threatening sounding letters. Eventually they give up - if no contact is made!
Unless it's a council car park or property, ignore - and have a read of the threads in AV Forums about this.

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