V+ freezez at midnight every day


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If I just happen to pause, rewind, fast forward, play, go to on-demand at midnight, my Samsung Box FREEZES for about 5 minutes. :(

Does anyone know why?. Comments please.


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That could be the time VM update the boxes and their service? The V+ update once a day, usually during the night and into the early morning hours.

Other than that, is there a witch in your garden digging up the cable looking for her cat?


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I know it used to happen around 6am but two months ago { or so } all of a sudden it changed to Midnight - it has been reported to virgin and ' they claim ' they are looking into it.

It is very annoying and really it should have been designed out years ago.


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Round here for years the update was always between 00:00 and 01:00 hrs, and whilst the update was in progress forget doing anything on the box.

Recently however it appears the updates hereabouts haave been moved to 04:00 to 05:00. :clap:


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It's always been midnight for V+ boxes


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As I said in previous post used to be 0:00-01:00 until 6 months ago but is now 04:00 - 05:00: on this ligand of the VM cable network! :smashin:

Mine still does it at midnight? I checked last night


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Maybe your clock is fast?

Personally all I know is that until about 01:00 whereas I used to get problems I don't now. However my wife who is well asleep by that time but who often awakes around 04:00 and goes downstairs and watches VM, says she is now getting identical freeze problems until around 05:00


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This is the weekly TV schedule updating itself. For me its off & on between midnight and about 3 am. I've just moved to TIVO to see if that stops the issue as I'm a bit of nighthawk so it caused me no end of grief.

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