V for vendetta Box set with Mask!!


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:( Yeah, won't ship to the uk:

You may ship an order to these countries: U.S., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, or an FPO or APO address. We are not able to ship internationally to other countries.


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CDWOW have just despatched my R3 Deluxe set of this, but my sister is going to New York on Friday...... What's the mask made from? Its doesn't say in their description. Might ask her to have a look for it!

Solomon Grundy

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I have an office in the USA...about time they sent me a gift methinks...


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Just as well as we are now completly sold out.

A cheaper alternative:

One size fits all! This plastic V For Vendetta replica mask comes with an elastic strap for adjustable easy wear.

:smashin: Pre-order (14/08/06) only £3.99 + £1 delivery from fobidden planet:

Then go buy the standard 2 disc edition.


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Nice find partyweb definately a cheaper alternative :thumbsup:


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no mask, but bought the film today.......fantastic!!!!!

definitely one of the better films i've bought recently......some good acting (and some hammy acting of course..lol), well played out, didnt slow up or anything....

oh and the HoP explosion finale......perfect, absolutely perfect, a beautiful sound test and well choreographed :)

good stuff


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I agree a fantastic movie.

I think it's ironic that Alan Moore had his name removed this wonderful adaptation of his David Lloyds work and but still has it on the woeful "From Hell" and "LOXG"

I also think it's amazing that it come's from the Matrix team and yet feels so un-hollywood.

Lets just hope that don't cock it up by creating some terrible sequels like "EV for Venetta" or "V for reVolution". Thank goodness they didn't do that to the Matrix flim, that would have been awful ;)


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I watched the movie the other night (Amzon rental), Brilliant!

It reminds me of "1984" combined with some current affairs, very odd - but well executed. Enjoyed it lots, and I kind of like its Britishness.

Cool :cool:


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yes, you wonder whether casting Hurt was done because of his acting skills, or to give those who know of 1984 a subtle vision of how those who fight oppression sometimes become the oppressors....hehe

oh and the Benny Hill moment, i forgot to mention that last night, had me in stitched, i swear i've not seen something as funny in a film as that for a long time...

Jim Morrison

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I only caught this flick very recently (late to the party - as ever) and fell in love with it..so much so i just couldn't resist paying for one of the limited edition mask sets from Movietyme at £39.99. Whilst that was perhaps a tad more than i wanted to pay, i was somewhat relieved i'd gone for it when i noticed that they have since put them up to £79.99! :eek:

V For Vendetta Ltd Ed @ MovieTyme

Jim Morrison

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they come and go there was thre eon two days ago. its just a case of watching for them

Hmmm...I've just searched 'completed listings' for September but i can't seem to find any that have gone for £29.99. My intention was to contact the seller to see if he/she'd be putting anymore up. Oh well..as you say..i'll just have to keep my eyes peeled.

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