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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst
      To some degree the director and producers for V for Vendetta were on a hiding to nothing even before they started. Moore is not the easiest man to work with in the first place, perhaps he's a perfectionist, perhaps he's just overly proud of his own work and that’s no bad thing; but getting his ultimate stamp of approval would always be difficult and in the end they didn't receive it. That though is a crying shame because of all of his works it is by far the best transfer from paper to celluloid and even without these earlier incarnations would still be good enough in it's own right. V is a multi layered filmed which can be viewed by different people and all come away with something different to say; that in itself is no bad thing either, it's opened up the genre somewhat to others who at first might not have been interested. A love affair between Evey and V, a revenge caper with V hunting down those who had done him so much wrong, an action adventure mystery with the authorities on the trail of a vicious terrorist; it has it all to some degree.

      It is though the constant underlying theme of a government subjugating its own people for the sake of absolute power and the responsibilities on the individual not to allow this to happen which appeals to me. A rule of oppression through fear seen in the eyes and emotions of the players and fought against by a terrorist in hero's clothing, it's cracking stuff and certainly recommended. So in the words of another comic book tyrant... "Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!".
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