V. disappointed with indentations in my Da-Lite screen

Hi there.

I have an electric Da-Lite High Contrast Da-Mat that is around 2-3 years old, and has developed some very annoying horizontal "indentation" bands. These are very obvious when viewing anything moving from my Sony HS20 projector:

Close-up from DVE space shuttle scene
DVE test pattern
Toy Story 2

(higher-res versions available by removing the "lowres" part of the URL)

I contacted the dealer I purchased this from and he suggested this is probably related to where the material has been wrapped around the part of the roller where the tape is attached to the start of the material. Thus the difference in height between the tape and the roller, has resulted in an indentation on each subsequent layer of material that rolls over it.

Unfortunately that same dealer is unable to help me further (other than a small discount off an new screen), as he has stopped dealing with Da-Lite due to "Quality Control" issues.

This screen cost me almost £2,000 including shipping (it was shipped directly from the states), so I'm pretty miffed that it has these problems.

I'd be most grateful for any suggestions......



PS - I hope no-one will be upset about the fact I've also posted this on the US AVS screens forum.......


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Hi Richard,

The problem you point out can occur with screens that use a round roller bar. The dealer correctly identified the problem. This is why some manufacturers now opt for a asymmetrical roller in aluminium (we use this in our electrical screens), since this avoids the layering effect.

Other than replacing the roller bar, which is tricky since you need the right adapters for the spring or motor in addition to the right lenght and diameter, the only option would be to keep the screen rolled out for a longer period of time.
This of course defeats the purpose of having a screen you can roll up in the first place, but isn't a guarantee either.

Maybe it's worth a shot to contact Da-lite directly?

Good luck,


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I was going to say what is the big deal a few lines going across the sheet then i saw the price you paid :eek: its no wonder you r angry, have you tried leaving the screen down in very warm room for a day or two this might help drop the creases out.
Yeah, it is the medium-term performance in relation to the price that has me miffed!

I've left the screen down with the heating in that room on high for the last few days. Unfortunately it hasn't made any noticeable difference yet.....
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I emailed Da-Lite directly (just the info address from their website) about this.

They have now replied and told me they will replace my unit!

Three cheers for Da-Lite customer service!
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