V+ box and HDFury problem


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Hi everyone

Looking for some help from people who know a lot more than I do.

I have a philips flat panel plasme but it does not have HDMI or component input, does have VGA.

So stumbled across the HDFury adapter which allows hdmi > vga via DVI.

So i have the box, connected it all up, but a black screen. I have no light on the HDfury and I have seen some suggestions that perhaps the source isnt giving enough power to run the HDFury, does anyone else have this set up and have it working?



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Im sure that you have done this, but have you changed the display settings on the V+ box ?

You need to change it to HDMI output then jump between the AV tv screen and the HDMI equiv screens as it does a test, then confirm it.

If you need me to have a look at which screens etc it jumps between I can do.

Apart from that I'm no help im afraid.

Good luck

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