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I have a LG GSA-4082B DVD Writer which only reads at 12X
but the minimum requirments for UT 2004 is 16X.
i was just wondering whether i could still play UT 2004 as i dont fancy buying the 6 disk CD Version.



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Where did you get that information from? The minimum speed is 8x; the 'recommended' is 16x. Mine runs fine in my DVD-Writer (which reads 12x).

However, it seems that the DVD version is now being sold at a higher price than the CD version :(. For example at Play its now selling for £24.99; the CD version is selling for £17.99. Its up to you what you go for at the the end of the day. Of course, it'd be nice to get the DVD version, but for £7 extra is it worth it? How often are you going to install it?

Hope that helps.


Matt Horne

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why does it matter.. once installed it only needs the cd/dvd for the copy protection....



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With a bit of research you will find that you dont need to have the CD or DVD in the drive in order to play the game. :beer:


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In fact, my retail copy of the game wouldn't even run without a bit of help from DEViANCE.

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