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Apr 7, 2003
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Portsmouth, UK
The Unreal Tournament demo is now available for download from File Planet
I've just had half an hour on it I can say it's got some nice scenario's and excellent graphics. I imagine your pc hardware has to be pretty good to run it, but runs great on my 9800 Pro with an XP2400+
I'm pretty sure die hard UT fans will love it!
BlueYonder are also hosting it at this address.

No wait times, and 60k/sec+ download speeds for you broadbanders.

Not had a chance to play the game yet, though a lot of people are raving about it!
It actually runs reasonably well on my radeon 9000 - but I am only running at 800x600. I'm not sure how it would cope if things got hectic with big maps and lots of bots.
Been playin it a bit and Onslaught is pretty cool, much like BF1942 but with future weapons.....

I quite like it the hecticness of UT but with some strategy gameplay too.
I've been mainly playing the instant action Deathmatch, but it all seems a little easy to me. Is there any way of upping the skill level of the bots ? I've looked everywhere and can't find that option.
You are supposed to play online :eek: :p
Yep a tidy looking game. The onslaught mode is pretty good, very much like a basic version of Planetside. The graphics are good and run perfectly on my XP2200+ and Ti4400 with everything on the best settings. I prefer the "slower" more tactical shooter though and preferred the pace of game in Planetside more. If you like your Quake/UT games though it looks like this will be about the best one out there. Personally i'm waiting for Battlefield Vietnam, Half Lie 2, Farcry and Doom3.
i hate unreal tournament as i like my war games (COD,MOHAA,RTCW:ET) but the onslaught on ut2k4 was that good i havent stopped playing it for the last 2 days
ill be buying this on the day of release
I have played on-line, but the demo I had of UT2003 allowed different skill levels in the "play agaimst computer" mode. It was a good way to get to a reasonable standard before going on-line and making a complete fool of yourself !
I've noticed there are some excellent players out there, is there anywhere that lists the various moves you can do ?
I have perfected the stand and die move :p

There is a setting to change the bots skill level from easy through to master or something. It is on the same screen where you configure the amount of bots.

The bots customisation tab is blanked out :)

The onslaught mode is very similar to BF1942 and Planetside, however I prefer it as it is a lot faster. It is nice to be able to sit down for 20mins and just play a game.

I think it will get a lot better once people get used to it and can play coherently. I have found 8v8 to be best so far, 6v6 is a little too small.
Yep I must say as an avid hater of Quake and UT and a lover of MOH, CoD, BF1942, DoD etc, I do actually like this one. I do agree as well that it is good sometimes just to be able to have a quick blast and not have to play a game for several hours to get some good enjoyment from it. It's looking a tidy game and runs well on my PC so I may well dabble when it comes out.

I don't know if you've found it yet but to change the bot skill, just do the following once you're at the main menu:

Instant Action -> [Select Game Type] -> 'Game Rules' tab at top of screen -> Adjust skill via drop-down box next to 'Bot Skill'

Also regarding special moves etc. This was posted a while back (on the Atari Forums I believe). It was written for UT2003, but I think most, if not all of it, can be applied to UT2004 as well...




· Jump: you jump, doh (JUMP)

· Dodge: you dodge (tap movement key twice, like RIGHT, RIGHT)

· Double jump: you jump while in mid-air just after jumping (JUMP, JUMP)

· Diagonal dodge: use it to move faster or dodge a bit farther by dodging diagonally, usually in the direction you're currently moving. (hold FORWARD, look 56 degrees left, RIGHT, RIGHT)

· Dodge jump: you dodge then jump while in mid-air (RIGHT, RIGHT, JUMP)

· Diagonal dodge jump: most useful sequence to move faster, a diagonal dodge where you jump while in mid-air to maintain horizontal dodge speed increasing travel distance (DIAGONAL DODGE, JUMP)

· Wall dodge: a dodge that only works if you're near a wall (doesn't work on static meshes and some irregular walls), useful to dodge while in mid-air (JUMP while standing close to a wall or JUMP against a wall, DODGE in the direction opposite to the wall)

· Wall dodge jump: a wall dodge where you jump right after dodging, increases travel distance and height (WALL DODGE, JUMP)

· Double jump wall dodge: like a wall dodge, only you double jump before performing the wall dodge (DOUBLE JUMP while standing close to a wall or DOUBLE JUMP against a wall, DODGE in the direction opposite to the wall)

· Diagonal wall dodge: a wall dodge where you face the wall diagonally and dodge diagonally away from the wall, increasing travel distance a bit (JUMP while facing/moving diagonally towards a wall, DODGE in a diagonal direction away from the wall)

· Diagonal wall dodge jump: you can figure this one out.

· Double jump diagonal wall dodge: self-explanatory. See double jump wall dodge.

· Lift jump: a jump performed while in an moving lift that adds to your travelling speed/distance. (board a lift, JUMP while it's moving)

· Weapon jump: use a weapon's knockback to add speed to your jump, usually harming the player. Can be done with weapons like the shield gun, shock rifle secondary, flak cannon secondary, rocket launcher, even the redeemer, and can be used in conjuction with other jumps (aim at wall/floor, JUMP and FIRE simultaneously)


· Boost dodge: this is a very unique jump that can only be performed while standing close to a wall (like with the wall dodges, but it is not qualified as a wall dodge) and requires a special keystroke sequence. You must tap a direction key, jump and tap that direction key again. It only works if the tapping of direction keys is within the dodge double-click time. So if your dodge double-click time is set to 0.25s, you must tap the key, jump, then tap it again within 0.25s of the first tap. It's like a double tap with a jump in between. (stand close to a wall, tap movement key opposite to wall, JUMP, tap movement key again)

· Jump boost dodge: you jump before performing the boost dodge, providing greater initial height and travel distance(JUMP, BOOST DODGE)

· Boost dodge jump: a boost dodge where you jump again while in mid-air, providing even greater travel distance than a jump boost dodge(BOOST DODGE, JUMP)

· Diagonal boost dodge: a boost dodge where you face the wall diagonally and boost dodge in the opposite diagonal direction, going even farther (stand close to wall diagonally, tap movement key diagonally away from wall, JUMP, tap movement key again)

· Diagonal boost dodge jump: self-explanatory. It's the farthest you can go by yourself without the help of a lift (DIAGONAL BOOST DODGE, JUMP)

TIP #1: there is some control over speed and direction while in mid-air, so to increase travelling distance or control, it is recommended that you hold the movement key towards the desired direction of movement while jumping or dodging.
TIP #2: when lift jumping, time yourself to jump when the lift is moving at its highest speed.
TIP #3: practice, practice, practice!

NOTE: these jumps are not made up, they actually work and correspond to the names they received. Of course there are more possible combinations like a diagonal weapon double lift jump or something, but they are not worth mentioning. Some combinations are not possible though, like a double jump wall dodge jump, since you can't jump a third time after double jumping.

by Neurobasher
Excellent mate. Thanks :)
I remember when trying out / practicing the above moves, I wasn’t sure whether I was performing them correctly, so I changed the view to third person. This can be achieved by typing the following into the console:

behindview 1

(Before doing this though, I would recommend going to the ‘Game Rules’ tab and setting ‘Bot Mode’ to Specify Number and ‘Number of Bots’ to 0. Just makes life easier :p)

Also, this might be of some use, if you weren’t already aware of them…


SPEED: forward, forward, forward, forward.
REGEN: back, back, back, back.
INVISIBILITY: strafe right, strafe right, strafe left, strafe left.
BERSERK: forward, forward, back, back.
This game is awesome!!!
I'm totally kicking everyones ass too!
If anyones playing a multi look out for snoop:smashin:
This appears to run quicker on my computer than UT2003 did !
This is superb....runs like a dream on my pc with a Red 9600XT.

So how about a Avf server then for UT ?

Is there any sort of one player game for this though? I am at the complete newbie stage :)

got this demo with pc zone but it will not run from the cd???any advice
What do you mean by run? You mean install? Once its installed it doesn't need the CD. If you're having problems installing it, try copying it to your hard drive first.

when i click on the ut2004 icon on the installer the message of not responding comes up,couold you explain how to put it direct to harddrive??
Open the contents of the cd in explorer, then drag and drop all the contents on to your hard drive. You can then run the install program from your HDD instead of CD.
I'm maybe looking at buying this game, but have noticed that there is a DVD version as well as the normal version. Does anyone know if there's any major difference or is it just on fewer disks on the DVD version ?
Fewer discs... 1 dvd or 6 cd's I think...

My Spec Edition with headset has just arrived from the US.. this also has a second DVD with tons of tutorials on for creating your own mods etc etc


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