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I am curious to know from some TV experts/calibrators, or in general from your experience, in case you are brave enough to check your panel, what is the usual/acceptable amount of dead subpixels on the OLEDs.

I know that different brands have different policies about dead or stuck pixels warranty, but I assume it's covering completely dead pixel, meaning no color is emitted, or in case of stuck pixel the pixel is emitting wrong color constantly.
However dead subpixels, meaning only one color of the pixel is not working/ is black.

So what is the amount of dead subpixels which should be considered as acceptable/normal?

On my previous Full HD LG OLED I had 5 (R=3, G=1, B=1, W=0, no fully dead/stuck pixels) and currently on new Sony 77" A83J I have 9 dead subpixels (R=2, G=4, B=3, W=0, no fully dead/stuck pixels). Color uniformity is normal on both, with subtle vertical banding on 5% gray.

Here I found some numbers, which is not exactly for OLEDs, but displays in general.
TV Warranties & Proper Care

In my case the limit would be 12, but it's not clear for me, if the pixel needs to be fully dead, or dead subpixel counts too.

Testing images:





Bottom line: Don't panic in case you find dead subpixels, it's really common on TVs, and OLEDs seems to be more prone to have a few. It's should be also invisible from normal viewing distance in case they are not grouped, so don't check it in case it would only worry you.


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I've only ever come across dead pixel policies for LCD PC monitors - I've never seen anything written down for OLED TVs. My Panasonic OLED has none - at least none that can be seen from my usual viewing distance or when I do an occasional full-colour slide 'screen burn' check from closer up.


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I've asked Sony support directly and they told me, that tolerance for dead pixels for 77" model is 9.
Since I've found 2 more dead subpixels, I've returned the TV and replacement unit have 2 green dead subpixels, so it's an improvement.

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