Using Yamaha DSPA1 as Amp. What processor would you suggest...



Regarding my post below.

Another thought entered my head. Use the Yamaha as an amp and attach it to a kick ass processor, with all the gubbins.

Any suggestions?

Budget 0 - 2000. ;)


Current Setup...

Budget 2500 - 5000.

Yamaha Dsp-A1
B&W CDM7 SE Mains + matching Centre
Infinity rs5000 rears.
SVS Pc+ 20-39

So what do I do?

Upgrade just the rears?
Upgrade the Amp?
Move CDM's to rear & get new Mains? If so, bookshelves as I have the sub?

So many choices.

Any suggestions?


I considered getting a 2nd hand Tag AV32 (<£2000) and running this thru my A1 but in the end to upgrade the Tag to all the features I wanted (AV192 & video boards etc) would cost >£10,000 which I think is silly.

Now I'm just going to replace the A1 this year with a new integrated amp like Pio 10Ai, Yam AZ9, Ony 1000, Den etc. and retire the A1 to my Yam amp graveyard. :)


I asked the same question a while back Toekiller. After a bit of searching, it was nigh on impossible to upgrade it and stick within my budget of around 700 euro (500 gbp). Stuck the A1 on eBay and got 620 euro for it and bought a Pioneer VSX-AX3 for 712 euro. Cheaper upgrade and less hassle in the end. But you've got a bigger budget there. Wouldn't you consider selling the A1 and buying the latest Yamaha flagship model?


Yah I'm coming to the same conclusion.

It sounds pretty damn good as it is. Perhaps I'm just being picky. Upgrading for little reason really.

Though that Onkyo 1000 looks tasty ;)

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