Using Yamaha AS-1100 to power main speakers/subwoofer and Yamaha HTR6040 to power surrounds


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Salutations! Currently, I have a 2.1 channel system composed of a Yamaha AS1100 amplifier, Focal Aria 948s and an SVS SB3000 run through the preouts of the AS-1100. For my surround av system, I have a Yamaha HTR6040 with rears and a center channel. Is there any way to configure my system so that I can use the AS1100 to power the mains and sub, and the HTR6040 to run the center and rear surrounds when watching movies, and just the AS1100 with Focals and SVS sub for 2.1 channel listening? Is there any way I could do this? Your assistance is appreciated.
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I don't think your HTR6040 has pre-out sockets for the L&R channels so no I'm afraid not.

If you had a better AVR with pre-out for L&R your AS1100 would be perfect as I believe it's one of the rare(ish) amps that have a HT bypass facility designed for doing exactly that.

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