Using WDS to connect blu ray to internet via Apple Airport and Netgear router


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Hope someone can help me out with this as it is driving me nuts.

1. What I would like to:

Connect my Sony BDP S360 blu ray player to the internet by using an Ethernet from the BR player to an Apple Airport express and then wirelessly connect the AX to a Netgear WNR2000 router. I have upgraded the router's firmware to that WDS functionality is available.

2. Issue – I tried to change the router's wireless settings so that it became a wireless repeater. The router said I needed to change to WEP. However when I changed to WEP, my entire network disappeared and my iMac could not reconnect until I switched back to WPA.

3. Has anyone done this successfully before? I cannot find a single forum where anyone seems to have succeeded. Is there a pdf anywhere on what I need to do? I am also finding the terminology confusing – Apple are referring to “bridge mode” and “base stations” “relays” and “remotes”. I am assuming that my “base station” is my NetGear router?

Please, if anyone knows how to set this up, I'd be eternally grateful!! Otherwise the AX will have an appointment with the hammer and I'll run an Ethernet cable from the blu ray player to the router.

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If I remember correctly WDS only supports WEP, which is one good reason for not using it. Next it halves one's throughput which is a second good reason for not using it and, finally, it often seems to have compatibility issues which is a third good reason for not using it.

Have you thought of connecting the two boxes via a pair of HomePlugs?
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