Using two HD sources?


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Hi there, as the new HD revolution is upon us (or nearly) i'm looking at various system setups.

So far i'm looking at an HD LCD ~40" eg sony Bravia V series.

To this i plan on adding the telewest TVDrive to this for HD input and Recording.

Fair enough TVDrive -> HD LCD via HDMI input.

So then what do you do for DVD? There are a few HDMI output DVD's out there, i'm thinking primarily of the samsung ones. (I like all in ones for space and i think samsung seem to be the only people doing all in ones with HDMI). But if you only have 1 HDMI socket do you have to take lesser DVD performance for HDMI TV? Or can you get switchers, allowing you to connect both the cable/DVD boxes to the TV via HDMI?

Or are there systems out there that will let you piggy back, cable TV > HDMI > DVD cinema > HDMI > TV? This would make sense as it would sort out the 5.1 sound for the HD cable broadcasts too.

Any advice welcome :)
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