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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by ColinHaldane, Dec 24, 2001.

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    I'd like (well the wife would rather like) to avoid a speaker stuck on the top of the TV for the centre. We have a big panasonic that does seem to have pretty good sound so I'm wondering how feasible it is to use these for the centre channel.
    I have a question or two to ask you experts out there!

    1) Is the centre channel really what it says i.e. a mono channel
    or is it really stereo. I always thought it was mono but the Denon I looked at today had a left & right pre amp output. (Now I guess that these could be a mono signal split to two connectors which would be perfect for a cheapskate like myself but that seems just too hopefull!.

    2) Are the preamp outputs before or after the volume control.

    Extending my topic slightly

    3) As I have some big B&W speakers on the stereo is it possible with some/most AV amps to redirect the effects channel (subwoofer channel?) to front L&R to any degree.

    TIA Colin
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    It is important that the voicing of the centre speaker matches those of the front left and right which is why most people recommend buying the front three from the same manufacturer.

    A television speaker will sound totally different from the exterior pair and is therefore not to be recommended.

    One possible answer is to place the centre speaker under the television if possible and whilst many forum members would suggest changing the wife I think that would be a fairly drastic step.


    PS you don't notice the speaker on top of the TV after a while, especially if you buy something reasonably colour coded to the set as a nice cherry wood speaker on top of a silver set is more noticeable.

    Hope this helps

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