Using TiVo with Sky+


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I currently have my TiVo controlling my Panasonic Sky digibox but am looking to change the digibox for a silver one to fit my AV rack.

This leads me on to whether I shouldn't just go for Sky+ and if I do can it be set such that TiVo always uses one of the digital tuners and Sky+ the other or will there be conflict with them each trying to use the same one from time to time.



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Yes there will be a conflict at times.
SKY+ has two tuners but whenever you want to watch a program either "live" or recorded everything goes through the single decoder so if TIVO wanted access to the digibox you couldn't watch a second program on the SKY+.

Perhaps it would make more sense to get a second digibox and a "mirror " subscription and let TIVO have exclusive use of one digibox which could the be placed out of view.

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