Using the THX optimizer on blu ray disc on the PS3


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Jun 7, 2006
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Right, apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this in. Possibly a stupid question but i'm wanting to do a simple calibration using the THX optimzer on the T2 blu ray disc on my PS3 which I use as my blu ray player.

So I gave it a go before and here is the stupid question. What buttons do you use on the PS3 controller to adjust the various test patterns. I've tried using the DPAD, R3/L3 buttons but none of the patterns are adjusting. I must be missing something.

I would be grateful if someone can tell me what buttons to use to make the adjustments.

It's an optimiser to get a better picture on your TV.
You make the picture adjustments to your TV, NOT your PS3:smashin:
Hi, can you please advise me onto which optimiser disc i should purchase.I am about to purchase an samsung UE-d8000 3d tv and to be honest i know very little about tuning in a Tv hence the request for any help that's available from you.Do i need to purchase a set of glasses to go along with the disc,any advice on the glasses would also be a help.thankyou..troutmaster.
Well I use and recommend this, but they seem to have some issues supplying a region "B" disc at the moment.

A word of warning though, it's not an automatic optimizer, you need to do it yourself and the explanations are very very very very dry. Once you have learnt how it works you can just jump straight to the reference materials, so cut out the naration. Personally I found it interesting on the first play through but i'm a bit nerdy and the rest of my friends/family said it was a good cure for insomnia.

Using it you will be able to check the geometry of the screen, check brightness, contrast and the provided card with coloured acetate lets you get the colours "right" (or at least see which ones are off).
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