Using the Service Menu - is it allowed?



I saw a post on another forum from someone claiming to be a Sony service engineer. He pointed out that when you enter into the service menu it records the date and time and any adjustments made, he also stated that anyone who does this will automatically void the warranty.

Does anyone know if this is true? When I get the AVIA DVD I want to adjust my KV32FX68. I've already entered the service menu to make a note of all settings, just to be prepared. Should I be concerned that I may have already voided the 5 year warranty I got from JL?

Anyone know the what the situation is?



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I don't know the answer to your question but I would like to think that if it didn't explicitly mention it in the terms and conditions of the guarantee then why should it be affected?

It's possible the correct combination of buttons to be pressed and in the right order to get into the service menu were pressed in an accidental manner. then when trying to exit this menu some values were changed. I know it's unlikely but it's not impossible.

Would they invalidate a warranty for accidental pressing of certain buttons?

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Wouldn't this presuppose that you set is aware of the time and date in the first place? If it is an IDTV it is just possible that it could know (and thus log entries to the service menus) but my JVC is not an IDTV and has never been connected to an aerial or tuned (or in fact had the volume turned up) and it has never shown any ability to determine the date/time.
Scaremongering methinks.


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I'm not a TV engineer, but it seems unlikely that TV's would log service mode activity. As 'real' engineers use the same menu system as the rest of us, how would 'unauthorised' access show up?

A cynical view would be that the Sony engineer was trying to drum up business by spreading this story...

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So far my exprience of these "real" engineers is hopeless. I do a much better job than them anyway. Saying that I am sure that there are engineers out there that are good but I reckon you have to be lucky to get a good one who :-

a/ Knows what he is doing
b/ Has some interest in what he is doing not just a job

This relates to Sony, and Philips & Endeva so I have tried.


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There is NO logging of service menu activity on Sony sets, can't speak for other makes but the only things logged are fault/error codes.


Thanks for your replies, feel more relaxed about it having heard your opinions.

HowieC: You give a definite NO to logging, I'll take it you know that to be the case about Sony at least. Thanks I'm much happier now about making my own adjustments.

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