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Hello All,

I have a question about component connections.

I currently connect my DVD player direct to my TV using a component cable.

I have just bought a Marantz SR5400 which has component connections. If I connect my DVD to the amp using component and connect my amp to the TV using component cable, will the video, freeview box etc (connected to the amp) take advantage of this or will they need to be connected to the TV using a Scart lead?

Sorry if that sounds a bit confused... Will I lose picture quality from the DVD player by adding an extra "loop"?

Advice & comments please. :hiya:


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If I've understood you correctly, then yes.

Connect the Component Output on the amp labelled Monitor Out to your TV using Component cables.

Connect your DVD's component cable to the component inputs on the amp and then connect your other devices either via composite or s-video and everything will loop through.

I don't think you will get any kind of major degredation but maybe someone can confirm this.

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