Using the built-in satellite decoder on our LG TV for Polsat


Hi all, I'm a Brit with a Polish wife. We live in the UK. We recently brought a new LG 55UM7610 TV and on unpacking the TV, I discovered that it has a built-in satellite decoder. We already have Polsat installed with a paid subscription card. We would like to use the on-board satellite decoder instead of the separate satellite decoder. As far as I'm aware, I can plug in the satellite cable into the TV and it'll work for the FTA channels, but what do we need to do to decrypt the paid channels? Is it simply a case of buying a CAM - something like this? - slotting it in the PCMCIA CI slot, putting the card in the CAM and bob's your uncle? Or is it more involved than that? Note we're not interested whatsoever in getting paid channels for free, we want to use the card we already are paying a monthly fee for.

I'll really appreciate your response!

Regards - Eddles


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They use Nagravsion encryption and the card is married to either the STB or CAM so it wouldn't just be a case of obtaining a cam as Polsat would need to marry them.

I believe they sell the Cam and Card together as a married pair. You would need to contact them either way.

Another thing to consider is whether the LG TV will provide a proper EPG program guide and not just now and next info (it doesn't for our Freesat). You could test that by setting the TV up on Polsat and looking at the free channels.

At the end of the day you may be better off sticking with the official box.

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