Using SpecLab to measure in room performance


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I thought I'd start a thread on this subject to keep a record of my attempt to get this going. Hopefully it will eventually result in a working solution (but maybe not, it seems quite an esoteric piece of software). I will just start by listing the links I have & then gradually edit that over time....

speclab itself - DL4YHF's Audio Spectrum Analyser

Using jriver to extract a mono wav (i.e. what gets sent to the sub) from a BD for analysis - The New Master List of BASS in Movies with Frequency Charts - Page 221 - AVS Forum

Tutorial from data-bass on how to configure it (includes speclab config file) - SpecLab Waterfall Scene Capture Tutorial - Bass Content - Data-Bass Forums

Another discussion on how to configure it (includes some config from Bossobass) - SpectrumLab Setup Guide - Home Theater Audio Forum

Suggestions on how to add a mic/signal chain cal file
- How to: Spectrum Lab Mic vs Digital - AVS Forum
- Yahoo! Groups
(curveedit app referenced is CurveEdit - a simple array data viewer / editor
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the FFT filter approach to reversing the effect of signal chain rolloff definitely works & seems quite straightforward to apply. Next step is to measure my signal chain rolloff, add that to mic cal & then create a final FFT filter to offset the signal chain rolloff in the measured results.

@MemX it might be interesting, if I get this working on a laptop reliably, to measure the effect of adding your 2nd sub.


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If you can sort out EQing out your signal chain roll off (if possible) that would be awesome :thumbsup:

I think I am not getting much below 10Hz at most, I reckon!

I am also interested to do a 1 sub / 2 sub comparison - I won't be smoothing many room modes as they are mutually coupled in one location, but bosso's theory is that it cancels floor to ceiling modes, so if it's possible to actually measure it, that would be great info to post up :)


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Out of curiosity what applications would this be useful for over and above REW for example.

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