Using Sky+ with my Optoma H50


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Hi - I am just about to have Sky+ installed, and am looking to find out how to get the best picture possible.

I currently have a standard sky box plugged into my AX10i which then feeds the H50 via component. I have had to use a standard composite yellow video plug - as the AX10i seems incapable of converting the signal via either S-Video or Component.

I know that JSTech produce an RGB scart to component converter, but it is very expensive and I was hoping to do this cheaply.

Does anyone know any way?

Thanks! :smashin:


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With the Sky+ box you can take s-vid out and into the AX10 which will upconvert to component.
Make sure the input on the AX10 hasn't been assigned for component otherwise it won't upcovert the signal.

Joe Fernand

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Am I missing something - you have an VSA-AX10i plus an H50 and an £150 JS Tech RGB2YUV is deemed expensive!!!

Why cut corners at this stage in your system building?

If your using the S-Video out from your SKY+ I'd try it direct to the projector and see how that compares with the up conversion via the AX10i; or do it properly and go RGB2YUV.

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