Using reciever as power amp

I asked this in a previous post but it was buried among other stuff and nobody answered. I have a Tag AV32R and have yet to get a power amp(s) for it. I do have an old Sony STDRB930 reciever with 5.1 inpts though. Is it safe to use the processor phono outs to the 930's 5.1 inputs and use that as a temporary power amp until get a dedicated power amp?

I can't see why it wouldn't be but am not savvy with impedences and stuff.


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I don't see why not .
Processor phono outs=low power output.
Sony STDRB930 reciever with 5.1 inputs=low power input.
I think we have a match:clap:


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Try it at low volume first but i can't see that it will damage the sony.I think you will have to use the volume on the amp anyway.
I have tried it and it seems fine. Sounds great too. Just a bit worried about trashing the Sony, or worse, the Tag:eek:

In the Tag manual it says the maximum output level is 'greater than 3.5V rms'. My Sony SACD player says it outputs 2V rms so the tag is greater than the SACD player. THen again in the SOny manual it does say the 5.1 input can be used for a multi-channel decoder so I guess it should be OK.

I think I'll set the volume on the Sony fairly high and use the volume on the tag at lower levels to keep the output down.

Any electrical experts out there know better?
Used it last night to watch a couple of movies at good volume with the 930's volume fixed about half way up and used the Tag's volume control. Seemed to work fine. Sounds great too.

Seems this is a very cheap way of getting into pre/pro territory, given that I paid £100 for the 930. The tag/930 is definately a huge step up from any reciever I have ever heard around the £1000 mark. That includes my beloved Rotel 1055.

Nobody aware of any problems I may be creating?


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The 930 is a good amp ,i used to have one before the 1080 and i think the 930 was a better amp it just lacked some of the surround modes of todays amps.I would buy one of these again if i could find one in silver.

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