Using rechargeables in Wii Remote-Nintendo say no


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I have had my Wii a few weeks and the time has come to replace the batteries in the remotes. I was looking at this forum and various websites which sell rechargeable packs and charging stands etc.

However, the instructions for the remote are a bit confusing. On one hand it says:

"1. For Wii Remote use only alkaline batteries. Do not use carbon-zinc or any other non-alkaline batteries."
9. Do not use rechargeable type batteries such as nickel cadmium."

But then it says:

"GENERAL NOTE: Rechargeable batteries are to be removed before charging. Rechargeable batteries are only to be recharged under adult supervision."

The last point inferring that rechargeable batteries CAN be used.

I called the service centre and they have said that only alkalines should be used, but only quoted reduced battery life as a consequence of using rechargeables.


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Ive been using rechargables. Dont know whether they are alkaline or not, couldnt care less to be honest. I doubt you will have any problems, ive never had a problem with any battery in any equipment.


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I think they may just be covering themselves there, from no-win, no-fee type of people :)


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Thanks guys. I have a box of AA NiMH rechargeables that I bought ages ago. Even though they are only 1800mAh each that still means they will last twice as long in the remotes as these replacement battery packs. :thumbsup:


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NiCad batteries are very old technology now, the vast majority out there will be NiMh which I have been using in my Wiimote since launch day without any problems.
Depending on the MAh rating (the higher the better) the life of the battery before having to recharge is fine for me.

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Get down to Poundland and buy a few packs of 800mAh NiCd for a pound each (3 in each pack, 33p each for the hard of thinking)... cheap and cheerful and last a good few hours gaming. not the longest lasting or most powerful, but i've been using them in the four Wii and two Xbox controllers since December launch. :thumbsup:

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