Using receiver as poweramp - opinions?


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I have bought a Sony STR-DB780 and will be using it as a power amp with my Denon 3802 - this is a temporary solution till I buy proper amps.

What I want to do is use 2 channels of the Sony to power my front left, 2 channels to power my front right and bi -amp the centre using the Denon and the remaining channel of the sony.
That way I am bi-amping the fronts.

Anyone has any better ideas?

If I do it this way - I will need to connect the preouts of the Denon to the analogue inputs of the Sony - I will also need a splitter or a single to double phono cable to connect the pre-outs of the fronts from the Denon to the 4 channels of the Sony.
Can anyone recommend what interconnects to go for?This is a kind of experiment, so don't want to spend too much.

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