using plasma tv as pc monitor / ghosting / burn in


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I bought about a month ago a 51 inch Samsung F5500 plasma second hand because obviously, you can't get new ones now. what i've noticed is that it's unsuitable for anything else other than watching a film??

I mean, I played the new Dragon Age game on it, until I realised that a circle had been burnt into the screen where there was a circle from the HUD of the game. yesterday, I used it as big pc monitor and ran a piano simulator software, a piano has black and white keys, as you know. After only about 15 minutes, you could see if you switched to a plain background ther was a image of a piano with all 88 keys across the screen. It took 40 minutes of the scrolling grey white thing to rub off the afterimage.

Is this normal? Do you plasma owners just use it to watch films? I had high hopes of using it as big pc monitor while i lay back in my powered recliner with wireless keyboard, but it just seem really prone to this ghosting/burn in. so much so i don't dare use it most of the times. I mean, the picture quality when I do watch films is brill, in the dark. I'm wondering whether I'll be happier with a big LED screen instead.


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Please give the full model no when asking for advice as there are a few Samsung models with "F5500" as part of the model no, both Plasma and edge-lit LCD.
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