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    First post after lurking for a while.

    Looking to wall-hang a 42/43” plasma and the selection criteria, in no particular order are:

    - easy to operate – has to be easy to operate it, like a TV
    - budget (for screen/wall-mounting and whatever else required to connect it all up to give TV functionality (inc sky installation, but not subscription)) of about £4k (slightly flexible)
    - quality
    - have to be able to record (VHS) one channel sat / terrestrial and watch another

    I’ve then got about £2k to cover Receiver (Denon 3803?), speakers (have to be discreet, ideally Bose-sized) & either DVD player or DVD/HDD recorder if they’re any good, plus cables etc. but this is all stuff for other areas of the Forums….

    So anyway, to my main question.

    In terms of features & ease of use, the Pioneer has a lot going for it. When I first heard about the Panasonic equivalent (PA20?) I thought that also sounded good, but the consensus seems to be that PQ is much better on the Panasonic screens than the Panasonic plasma TV. So, is it possible to get easy TV functionality with a screen such as Pio MXE or 6 series pana screen and external tuner function (because I need to be able to record one channel and watch another), and if so, what would you suggest ? Ignoring the differences in the picture between them, a major benefit to this approach has to be cost – I’ve read in the forum of savings of £1300 for a pana screen over the pio 434, this would allow me to get a DVD/HDD recorder as well as a DVD player.

    It will be used more for watching TV than DVDs.

    Although I’ve not yet demo’d the Pio, it does seem to be the best fit for my requirements and I could have the reassurance of the John Lewis 5 yr warranty if I can price match.



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