Using parallel wires to reduce resistance


  • Single wiring 14 gauge

  • Bi-wiring 16 gauge

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Hi dear members,

I just bought b&w dm602 s2 and can bi-wire them.
They are currently single-wired with 14 gauge.
I have 100 feet of 16 gauge wire. I have 4 connectors behind each speakers.
Could I use two wires per connector (8 wires per speaker) to gain quality by reducing the resistance?

Assuming that I will use wires of the same length.

Have a good day,


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AWG14 = 2.08mm2. AWG16 = 1.31mm2. hence 2xAWG16 = 2.62mm2, or an increase in area of 25%.

Using 2 AWG16 wires in parallel is therefore capable of carrying larger currents that 1 AWG14 wire.

100 feet @ 8 wires per speaker gives 100/8/2 = 6.25 feet or ca. 2m (you didn't give your required length).

BTW, The resistance of a 2m AWG16 wire is 0.053 Ohms. For 5m AWG14, it's 0.033 Ohms, both negligible.


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14ga wire (2.08mm²) has a WORKING CURRENT of about 15 amps, though that would be in an extension cord. Likely in a permanent installation, it would have a Working Current of 20 amp.

But a typical 100w/ch Amp will kick out about 5 to 5.5 Amp per channel maximum (to 8 ohms).

Seems like 14ga is more than enough.

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