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Hi, I have a Panny 6 with native resolution of 852x480. I use this for normal dvd, tv viewing etc via my HTPC. However, I have just got the Coral Reef HD DVD and so need to run my Plasma at a resolution of at least 1024x720. My question is that, although I can run it at a resolution of 1024x768 via Powerstrip without any problem, is this doing any damage? Or are there any issues I should be aware of in doing this?




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Don't think it will be a problem, the Panny just downscales the image as necessary...


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Won't damage it - it'll just look slightly soft compared to a 1024x768 TH-42PHD6BX.

It would be interesting to see where is best to do the down conversion - in your graphics card (run it at 852x480) or in the plasma (run the graphics card at 1024x768)

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Joe - the HD windows media file won't seem to play if my HTPC is outputting less than 1024x720. I got a good picture though - although as you say, slightly soft. However the positive result was that I found that my DVI blade worked at that resolution - and after a bit of messing around in Powerstrip and the Matrox software settings, I am now running via DVI with 1:1 pixel mapping at native 852x480 with my Matrox P650 graphics card. DVD's look absolutely awesome, also Sky+ looks slightly better. I'm happy:clap: :clap:



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