Using Onkyo AV Receiver with Yamaha soundbar


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Are there any benfefits in using a soundbar with a proper AV receiver?

This seems very counter-intuitive but my son is eagerly exploring our fairly small Tokyo apartment and I don't have a safe place to put my rear speakers. I'm also having to crowd the centre/left/right speakers in front of the TV to keep them out of reach.

I'm considering buying a Yamaha soundbar but it seems to be a waste of my Onkyo receiver. Having said that, I am only able to use 3.1 at the moment so it might be a better option for a few years. Can I take advantage of the video / audio decoding on the receiver and pipe that though to the soundbar, or will the receiver not recognise what the soundbar is? Even if I can't do anything with the audio can I use the video decoding?

I have a seperate amp to improve the bass so this seems like an option, very interested in some more expert opinion.




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Could you not wall mount the rears to get them out of reach?
It is also amasing how quickly kids learn not to touch certain items. I have a full 5.1 system with rear standmount speakers on stands and after the initial inquisitive stage (lasts only a few months) both have then left the speakers etc alone.


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Thanks Martin, will check the passive soundbar out.

You might be right psm1, I may leave it for a couple of months to see if he can leave them alone. I can't find anything that will hold the speakers on the plasterboard, tried a couple o options but they were not strong enough (despite claiming to be)

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