Using old Sky Q box as Freesat box


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Hi everyone,

I have recently upgraded to a 2TB Sky Q box and the engineer did not take away the old 1TB Sky Q box for some reason (Maybe due to Covid I’m not too sure)

If cabling was to be installed, could the old Sky Q box be used as a Freesat box in a different room?



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You will have to send the 1tb sky box back as it doesn't belong to you as the kit is on a loan contact sky and explain the situation.They will send you packaging out to you for you to send the box out.If you don't then sky will charge you accordingly.


Why did the “upgrade” need an “engineer” to do it?
Anyway dts is right about you not being able to keep the first one.

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The upgrade happened a few months ago to be honest, Sky haven’t been in touch regarding sending the old box back!

If Sky did eventually ask for the box back I’d buy a Freesat box as a replacement.


You will likely need a new LNB whichever way you go.


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The standard $ky Q LNB is two port. $ky now upgrade cable from WF65 to WF100 for high frequency cable loss reasons on most installs so signal level is important for them to work reliably.

While it's possible to split the Q feeds (one is H, the other V); the splitter loss introduced (-4 dB) may or may not allow the boxes to both work reliably?

First, though, remove the $ky card and reboot the Q box to see what works with no card in? (Perhaps disconnect from internet, too?)

One alternative may be to find one of the early $ky hybrid 6-port LNBs as they auto detected what type of receiver (wideband Q or legacy) was connected to each port. Sadly that LNB is allegedly incompatible with the latest freesat boxes by Arris.

EDIT Splitter would need to be power pass both ports e.g FBS402 by labgear/philex/slx.

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