Using nvidia vivo input for capture....


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Right, got this camera which works when connected to a telly via scart adapter, so I connected the video output of the receiver to the composite input of my nvidia graphics card using the vivo cable, made sure the wdm drivers were installed properly, and they show as working in device manager, but for some reason I cannot see an image when running Dorgem, also tried MSN webcam!

Help please!!!


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The signal via scart is not composite. So you will see a picture when connected via scart, but it cant be outputting a composite signal or you would see a picture.


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If it helps I used a playstation scart adapter that has the yellow (composite) white/red (sound), I believe that is right?

Anyway, the receiver for the camera just says video out, although I do know it is PAL.... would I be able to get an adapter that converts it to S-Video, as my graphics card vivo cable also has S-Video in, would that help? or am I just missing something I need to install on my PC so it picks up the video signal I am putting into the composite (yellow) connector?

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