Using NviDia Graphics Card To Playback Movie on HDTV?


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Dear Friends,

I Just Recently Bought A DELL PRECISION WORKSTATION 670, which has a GeForce Quadro FX4400 In It, And In-Built Sound Card (SoundBlaster). The Graphics Card Has DVI Out x 2 and one 3 Pin MiNI DIN Stereo Connector.
And I Also Bought A Sony Bravia 40' LCD TV, KLV-40S200, that supports HDMI Input.

My Question Is , I Want To See Movies On My HDTV, So I Tried Using A DVI To VGA Adapter To A Cable and Other End, I inserted The VGA Cable in TV. The Quality of Video was OK, But It Had Screen Flickering On HDTV (Which i Think was due to Refresh Rate Problem either with my card, cable or TV; Not Sure Though).

I Dont Know If My Quadro FX 4400 Is HDCP Ready, But I Just Want to Play Normal Movies With WYSIWYG Quality.
I cant afford Blu-Ray Disks, Because Its Quiet Expensive and I Dont Have Blu-Ray Reader, But In The Future I Hope So i Will Get One.

So If I Buy A DVI TO HDMI Cable From Amazon and Use That To Connect To My HDTV from PC, Will It Give a Good Quality Output; (i.e. No Screen Flickering Problem will Occur). What Do You Think About It????
The Question is That The Quality Will Be OK, If i Play DVD Movies, and Will There Be Any Screen Flickering Problem Anymore.
Can You Give Me Links Of The Site Where You Bought That Cable From.?

Also, I Have To Give Out Audio To My Speakers As Well ; (PC Speakers) So I Used and tried A Splitter and Than Used To Give Sound To My PC Speaker and LCD Screen, But In My TV I Always Heard Buzzing Sound, So Is That Due To Bad Cable or It Happens.?

Any Suggestions.:lease::lease::lease:

I am so tired to think anything else and cant understand why screen flickers. I Think I Have Wasted Money In Buying A TV If It Wont Work Out. However as i Use A CAD Alot, So Needed Workstation.

Please Help Me With :(:(:(

Thank You In Advance.

Yours Sincerely,


The GeForce Quadro FX4400 is an old'ish card, I think it came out in 2004. I'd doubt a card that old is HDCP ready.

Per the issues you were having, have you updated your drivers from ?

Per the Sony tv, what country did you buy it in ? How old is it roughly ?

The flickering could be refresh rate related, try a driver update. A DVI to HDMI cable might help, you can probably get one cheap if you shop around e.g ebay


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Hey Hi,

I Bought Sony TV in Dubai, UAE. and i havent given a try to driver update but just wanted to know that sony s' series have 60 hz and my video out is 60 hz, so why it flickers then?

I might need to buy a dvi to hdmi cable.

Anyway thanks, but please reply, regarding it.

See You.



I don't know why it flickers but the drivers from nvidia are free so try them.

DVI to HDMI cables are cheap so worth a shot also....

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