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Hi, just bought an NTSC sony hdr cx 160 in such a rush leaving the US, that I neglected to check the format. How difficult is to use in the UK? Will primarily be using it to provide short films for web content. And also as a family camcorder, i.e. I will have to output to PAL for other people (i.e. family) to watch on dvd. What would be the best software to use and is there any loss of resolution or quality in conversion and change of frame rate?

Also, will primarily be shooting in HD.

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To be honest it is very unlikely that you will have any issues using an NTSC cam in the UK. Just about all TV & DVD players will be able to work with NTSC, so no conversion will be required for distributing to friends & family.
The only 'possible' issue could be that strip lighting will flicker on the recordings. This is due to the mains in the UK being at 50Hz but NTSC refresh rate is 60fps. If this isn't noticed then there is likely to be no other problems.



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As I keep underlining on this forum the terms NTSC and PAL are actually redundant analogue terms and do not really apply to digital equipment.

The only difference between US and UK/European camcorders are that the US versions use 30/60fps and the UK/Eu versions use 25/50fps which are just legacies from the NTSC and PAL analogue formats. Also likewise SD in the US is 480i against 576i over here. HD is 720p or 1080i/p on both sides of the pond.

Most modern European TV's have no difficulty in displaying US format material in SD or HD and also most DVD players will play US format SD discs you may have produced from your edited HD footage without problem.
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Hi, thank you both for the prompt info, my mind's at rest. Probably be back on here with more questions, glad to know i can rely on the site and it's members.

Thank you.


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I must say it's a pity Sony UK don't/won't sell this cam as it seems to have 99% of the things I'd like.
Instead they foist on us the HDD version, which I will never want let alone for the extra wonga.

Looks like a trip to France coming up!

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