Using my old AMP for a PA system ??


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I am trying to use my old Kenwood KA3020SE amp and a wireless microphone system as a PA system for my wedding (saving money??). The wireless microphone system only has a jack and my amp only has a 'phones' (headphones) jack but does has an AUX input/output. Does anyone know if it would be possible to connect the 2 together with an auxillary lead or other way or have I just wasted my money buying a wireless microphone system ??? HELP......


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You question is confusing.

The Wireless Mic has a Receiver, that Receiver has an output to feed an amp.

You Integrated amp has several Line Level inputs (on the back). The only Line Level Input you can NOT use is the PHONO input, all the others are the same, PHONO is unique and for turntables only.

Now, you simply need a connector that converts from the output of the Mic Receiver, and the Stereo input.

Likely the output of the Mic Receiver is Line Level, or at least we hope. However if is very likely MONO.

Does your amp have a Mono/Stereo switch?

If it does, then you need a simple Mono plug for the Receiver Jack, that converts to a single standard Mono RCA connector. Connect the Mic to one channel and set the stereo/mono switch to Mono.

If you don't have a stereo/mono switch on the amp, then you need a pure mono adapter cable that has a plug on one end for the Mic receiver, and two parallel mono RCA connectors on the other end.

In my experience, the signal levels directly from wired mics tends not to be very loud, requiring the amp to be turned up pretty loud. Though I don't know, I suspect the Mic Receiver, has more of a standard Line Level output, and as such, this shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

Did you follow that?

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Steve has commented on the input aspects - the microphone connection, so I'l just mention the output aspects. If you have a small wedding, you may get away with trying to simulate a PA system without having one, but then you could also just talk louder. If you need a fill a real hall, you need a system that can do so and such systems are built around completely different technology that is capable of producing the necessary SPL.

Most halls have PA systems. For other venues, especially outdoor venues, hiring a complete PA system is not all that expensive.

[Just had two children marry in large halls]

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