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Im running this question along with a cable question in the dvd player forum. The cinema room i am building has ended up being arranged different to what i planned as a result i will need to run a 5.5 to 6m compontent cable from my pio 757 to a H56 projector but in additon to this i will want to run the signal from an NTL box plus a game cube a video and a couple of retro games systems. I understand that to run my dvd through the amp might not be the best of ideas so do i run half a dozen cables across the room or wound it be better to take it all through the amp and use 1 decent compontet feed?


if your amp upconverts I'd run everything through the amp except the dvd reducing it to two cables but keeping the quality where it's important.

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Docta teef

If you want to retain video quality I'd avoid using up-conversion on any AV Amp - this is a 'convenience' rather than a 'quality' feature of the amps; and certainly not ideal once you start projecting a big image using the H56.

If you have the ability to output YUV Component from your main sources - which I'm sure you have from your list then consider an external YUV switch such as the Zektor HDS4 or HDS4.2 to pre select the YUV + Digital audio to your H56 and AV Receiver; the Zektor units are passive switches and wont degrade your video signal.

The HDS4.2 has a buffered output (02) to drive long video cables. The HDS4 and 4.2 can be taught IR commands so they can mimic your AV receiver if required.

If your Retro kit only has Composite or S-Video out I'd simply switch that through the amp - using the up-conversion if you want and then plug the amps YUV out into one input on the Zektor.

Alternatively run a Composite or S-Video cable to the projector alongside the YUV cable and again pre select but not up-convert on the AV Amp; the problem with up-converting these signals in the AV Amp being that the projector will actually have dedicated Composite and S-Video filters on to optimise these signal types.

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