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Using meridian 555 for bi amp ing?


Standard Member
Please could someone tell me if it is possible to use 2 meridian 555's to bi amp speakers? Pre amp is a meridian 568! Any ideas on this would be great many thanx


Established Member
i see no reason why you couldn't


Prominent Member
Agree with cosmicma in that you probably could.

Question I would ask is Why? If you have a spare 555, or can pick up one real cheap, then I could understand but if you have to pay decent money for another 555, I can't see that as a cost effective upgrade. Wouldn't that money be better put towards upgrading speaker or amp?

Do your speakers have bi-wiring/bi-amping connections or will you need to separate the crossovers to create them?


Prominent Member
Yes you can. All you'd need would be splitters for your leads from pre- to power amps. This is of course assuming that your speakers can be bi-amped.

Whether you need to is determined by how much power you need to make available to your speakers for your given desire volume level. Doubling the power will give you an extra 3dBs of headroom - not that much, given the cost when you think about it but could make the difference if you are driving your speakers hard enough.


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Many thanx for your info, my speakers are kef rdm 1's. Would running mids from one amp and tweeters from other not make a noticeable difference?

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