Using MCE who uses the microsoft mce keyboard?


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Hi will be starting my first htpc build soon and wondering wether its worth getting the keyboard as well as the remote.Pc will be attached to our plasma and will do double duty as our main pc as well as an htpc.
I do have a btc wireless keyboad i can use but it lacks the apparent functionality of the MS keyboard.
I am interested to know what users think.


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I know we've had threads on this before...

The MS MCE keyboard is only 'OK' - the mouse pointer is the biggest letdown. Otherwise, it works fine and has a good range and doesn't seen to need a completely clear 'line of sight' to the IR receiver to work.

If you can wait a bit, and you have lots of money, the new Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard is on the way...


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As noted. The mouse nipple is almost unuseable which makes the whole keboard a waste of money. The very excellent Saturn keyboard from has a trackball & very good range lacking only a thumbwheel.


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I use it and quite like it. Ok the nipple takes some getting used to and will never be as easy as a genuine mouse but I get on with it quite well now.

One feature I like is actually a little on-off switch which powers it off completely, this means you can stuff it down the side of the sofa cushion without fear of the battery going flat!


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now what guy would want to spend hours perfecting the touch to get the nipple to respond.


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I would say the MCE keyboard is the best keyboard out there for functionality i.e. the only keyboard that allows you to control all MCE features, the keyboard range is is excellent and line of sight. The only let down is the mouse nipple which basically needs to get worn in for it to work correctly I cant put an exact time scale on it but I have had mine now for nearly a year and its perfect no complaints here, accurate, no stutters at all.


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I've got the keyboard and after using it to control the game rome total war from the sofa. It's eventually got less irritating, or I've become more tolerant of it.

It still suffers from that problem where you want to move the pointer a few pixels to the side, so you apply just a little pressure... it stays still... a little more pressure ever so slightly and BAM! its across one corner of the screen. the keyboards thrown across the room nearly missing the cat.

I've been trying the gyro mouse also, however its not really well suited to web browsing or anything that you need the keyboard with both hands for. picking it up to highlight then put it down type a url then pick it up to select links... gets boring very quick and you find yourself playing with the nipple.

however the gyro mouse in fps works very well, so different tools for different jobs, i don't think the new keyboard will address all needs. it does look very nice tho :)


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funny thing is that it easier the more you do it - not harder!!!


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I've just got one and I really like the way it looks and the keyboard feels good to use, but what were Microsoft thinking with the mouse.

It's not even the same as those annoying laptop nipple mice - a total nightmare.

I hope I get better with it, but only time will tell.

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