Using MacBook Pro to view setup info on Pioneer receiver


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Hello all, first post here.

I recently picked up a Pioneer VSX LX104 AV receiver to use exclusively for music- streaming from AirPlay, playing CDs, etc. My question is about initial setup; when I turn it on, it says "see TV for initial setup"- however, I do not watch/own a television. It just didn't occur to me that I couldn't use the receiver for music simply by scrolling through a setup menu on its built-in display. So my question is whether one can connect a computer (mid-2010 MacBook Pro in my case) to use as a monitor to go through the setup process, and if so, how to go about it. I've emailed Pioneer support twice with no response.



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You don’t state what connections are available at both ends, but in short it’s very unlikely that you will be able to do this easily/cheaply. The MacBook isn’t able to decode video input and display it on its screen.

From your description of usage you would be much better served with a dedicated stereo amplifier anyway - an av receiver is always a compromise when it comes to stereo sources. Could you return/sell the receiver and buy an amp instead?


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I'd suggest that your choice of an AV receiver to do what you want wasn't the best decision you could have made. It sounds like you were looking for a network audio player come amplifier and there are devices out there that do this without need of a TV and without the video connections commonly associated with AV receivers.

Some AV receovers do allow you to use a web browser to access and configure their settings, but even if your AV receiver has this ability, you'd still ideally need a TV to be able to set it up and run its calibration setup.

Your MacBook Pro cannot be used as a monitor or as a TV. You'd need a TV with an HDMI output if wanting to access and see the video output via your AV receiver's HDMI output. The only output that would include the AV receiver's GUI and menus is that associated with its HDMI output.


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You could try using an HDMI capture device that works with MAC OS. This should allow you to make the initial basic setup.

I believe you can skip the auto setup wizzard and then do it manually via the AVR's on screen menu.

Example VidCap device

Amazon product


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Thank you for the feedback everyone. @John7, I'm going to look into something like that and see if it works. Not sure I can return the receiver at this point. Barring that I'll see if I can borrow a TV for a few hours from a neighbour.

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