Using Lowther Accousta + Ruark Prologue 1s in home cinema system

Simon Sheppard

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Mar 20, 2022
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Hastings, United Kingdom
Using Lowther Accousta + Ruark Prologue 1s in home cinema system.

Hi all, new member here. I recently acquired my brothers old Lowther Accousta speakers, I have not tried them yet, as I'm currently moving rooms around. I currently use an old 80's Creek 4040 amp, with a pair of Ruark Prologue Ones, and only really use it at the mo, for listening to films and tv/sport on, occasionally music, but if so, then via my pc, connected into the tv via HDMI, then into the amp through aux. This still sounds excellent.

The plan though, is to use either an AV Receiver (Yamaha RXV357, though I do have two better Onkyos, currently faulty, that I may use, or even may buy alternative), or bi-amp the AV receiver with the Creek, using the Lowthers as front speakers, I was thinking about the Ruarks as rears, but wondering if that would be a bit of a waste, to use such high quality speakers, as just rear speakers for sound effects? I do have a set of basic Sony surround speakers (4 satellites, 1 centre), which would do an adequate job for home cinema. I will also be using a basic Cambridge Audio cd player, and eventually upgrading it when I can afford to.

I suppose my long winded question is: Is it worth bi-amping? Do I just use the AV amp with the Lowthers and Ruarks, or is that a waste of the Ruarks, and if so, would using the Sony centre speaker on its own work out?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.

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