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I have invested in a pair of these which I mainly use for music, but sometimes I want to watch movies too. I have a 1080P Epson TW EH3200 projector, source is Amazon Firestick HD with a HDMI splitter taking the audio via Optical cable to the Kefs. The sound is OK on the whole, but I wish I had more control over the mix, sometimes the bass is just too boomy and overpowers everything. I've tried all the settings in the Kef app (and the Firestick itself), turned bass settings to the min in Expert mode. Just wondering if there are any other things I could try to improve. I dont mind spending some money within reason.


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It's as much as I require, but too much with movies. I have a different profile for music where the bass is set higher, but the profile for movies, all bass settings turned to minimum level.


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Are you using bass managment and a sub?


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No sub, what do you mean by bass management? The Kef's are active speakers, any bass control takes place via the App
If you've got sky or a PC with optical out try running them through the KEFs and see if you have the same issue?

Seems a bit strange that you're getting so much bass through them if you've put everything to min.

I had the original wireless Kefs and they were pretty good for TV/Movies and if anything needed a subwoofer to help them out a little really!

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