Using JVC HDD/VCR HM-HDS1EU (PAL BG model) in UK / Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Maheshpam, Sep 29, 2004.

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    I picked up a JVC HDD+VCR machine model HM-HDS1 EU recently at a great price. The TV tuner only supports PAL BG & DK system. And not PAL I.

    When I try to record from the RF input using the built-in Hard disk recorder, I am only able to record the video. There is no sound being recorded. I tried all the settings available.

    I read on the Net...
    "Video/audio intercarrier (IF) separation is 5.5MHz (West European product / broadcasts) compared to the UK 6MHz."

    Also somewhere else I read....
    "PAL System B/G: Used in most Western European countries, 4,43 MHz color subcarrier, 5,5 MHz audio subcarrier

    PAL System I: This is used in Great Britain, 4,43 MHz color subcarrier, 5,5996 MHz audio subcarrier"

    Is it possible to convert the incoming signal which is PAL I into PAL BG using some kind of gadget (RF converter) ? Or can someone recommend if there exists any easy solution to this without replacing the entire tuner inside the unit ?

    Thanks for your help !

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