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Hi all,

Complete newbie here but nowhere that I can find advice.

Basically my house is about 6 years old 3 story house, I want to run a few Ethernet wires around the house cause WiFi & powerline just not hacking it. I have co-axial points in the wall throughout the house but I don’t use them for tv signal at all. So is there a way of connecting a fish wire through with the co axial wire from the attic to the access point downstairs then pull through the Ethernet wires ?

Any help would be great thanks


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It is unlikely as it will either be run under capping or clipped in place. If you are going to do this, do it properly and chase and fill. I did this on my 3 storey as my cinema room is on my top floor. It took me a couple of days to work out routing then another day to install and another day to patch, fill, sand and paint.
I ran a pair of cat 6 from my comms cab on the ground floor Switch to my top floor Switch then bound them in a 2 Gb LAG. I also installed a Ubiquiti AP on every landing for WiFi
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