Using in-wall phono sockets


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Hi All

I have just bought a flat and all over it, in every room, are in-wall phono sockets with two white and two red plugs in them.

I was wondering if anyone knew how I use them? Im guessing I connect a Hi Fi to one (how do I identify the one?) and then speakers to all the others and it will play throughout the house...?




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HI an welcome its likely that the plates are for a multiroom system local inputs have a look in the cupboards etc for a grey/ white box or for blank covers near light switches. Depending on what was wired to and from where will depend on what you can do with the system. Is it a brandnew flat? The previous owners or developer would be the best first point of call

Marky P

It's unlikely they would've used phono sockets for speaker connections, so they are more likely to be low level outputs designed to be connected to an amplifier.


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some of the speaker wall palts can look a lot like phono sockets

Alex, can you post a picture, and we should be able to help further

Thanks, Matthew

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