using friends sky viewing card?



morning all

i have sky however my parents stop subscribing many moons ago, however i tried using my friends viewing card and it works to a certain degree in that now I have skyone etc etc, however when i change to the important channels: sky sports, it comes up on the screen 'this is the wrong viewing card for this set top box' it then gives a helpline number to call.

is there anyway round this? i havent tried phoning the help line cos i know they'll tell me to stop being so stingy and just pay the fee. any ideas?


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Nope you've got to get the viewing card paired to the box and pay like the rest of us :D
Unless like me you cancel HD and end still waiting two weeks for my normal account to be renabled but thats another story .....


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As smiffy said, the card is 'paired' to the box so you'd have to ring to get the card paired to your box...

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