Using Fransat Neotion CAM CI+ module with Samsung QE55Q90R in the UK


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Have any of you in the UK been able to successfully use a Fransat Neotion CAM CI+ module (for French satellite TV) with a Samsung QE55Q90R television in the UK?

A few months ago, I switched from TNTSat to Fransat, because both of my TV’s have CAM slots, and I wanted to get rid of the separate receivers, cables, power supplies and remote controls. So I bought Fransat Neotion CAM CI+ modules with Fransat viewing cards, and I got a bigger satellite dish installed and pointed to 5 degrees West.
On the TV in my kitchen (LG 28MT48S-PZ), it works fine. I don’t get any of the catch-up / Replay services and I don’t even see the Fransat homepage on channel zero. But all the channels work OK, and I found a way to switch between Fransat satellite and UK terrestrial TV systems using the remote control. This LG TV is not on the list of TV’s officially validated by Fransat.
The TV in my lounge is much newer, it’s a Samsung QE55Q90R (exact model number is QE55Q90RATXXU). This exact model number is not on the list of TV’s officially validated by Fransat, but the French model number version of QE55Q90R is on the list. I eventually managed to get this one working with my Fransat Neotion CAM CI+ module. But always, after a few days, it stops working, and I get an error message like “CI+ module or smart card not found. Please check it has been inserted properly.” I then have to delete the Fransat operator profile in the CAM CI menu, and after a few days it eventually recognizes it and reinstalls it. The only thing I can think of is that on my Samsung TV, the Fransat geolocation system recognizes from my IP address that I’m not in France and therefore deactivates it. But it’s strange, because my LG TV in my kitchen is also connected to the internet, and I’ve never had any problems. I don’t want to disconnect the TV in my lounge from the internet, because I need it for Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer etc.
I did try to block my Samsung TV from connecting to any “Fransat” website addresses using the settings on my TP-Link router, but that didn’t seem to make any difference. So I guess the geolocation must be via a web address which doesn’t have "Fransat" in the name, and I’m not sure what that web address would be.
Does anybody have any suggestions for how I could get my Fransat Neotion CAM CI+ module to work nicely with my Samsung TV in the UK?
Right now, I’m thinking that my only option is to buy a standalone Fransat receiver which I wouldn’t connect to the internet, so it wouldn’t know whether I’m in France or not. But I’m loathed to do that, after going to all the trouble and expense which I already have done, precisely to avoid having a standalone receiver!
I spoke to tech support at, where I bought my new satellite dish, to check whether I could just put my Neotion CAM module in a cheap generic satellite receiver. But they said it won’t work unless it’s a CI+ slot (not CI), and the only suitable model which they sell is a Technisat S6, which costs even more than a standalone Fransat receiver!

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