Using Eclipse TDs for surround sound.... Need advice for centre speaker


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I've been happily running a pair of TD508iis with matching subwoofer in a 2.1 configuration, and recently purchased a Pioneer AV receiver to experiment with a centre channel.

Currently, I am using a smaller TD307ii as a centre speaker. It's a little smaller (100hz vs 80hz roll off) but timbre is well matched and performance is very similar for vocal reproduction.

However, since it's a single 6.5cm driver, I find it's not really suited to the task... Clarity and volume is fine (sofa is only 3 metres away), but it's missing fullness / prescence. The cheap philips centre speaker I have is better in this regard (minus fidelity) as it has two drivers.

I am wondering if it's feasble to wire up an additional 8 ohm TD307ii to the centre channel also to mimmick the dual mids config usually found in centre speakers. My receiver can run 6-16ohm speakers so running them in serial should work?

Either that, or I'm thinking a similar egg shaped centre speaker might work.... E.g Kef's HTC 3001

Any suggestions would be most welcome
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